Conservatory Roofs

The roof is the most important structural element in any conservatory. The roof provides strength, stability and ventilation for the overall structure. To ensure the householder get the maximum enjoyment from their new conservatory; they can choose from two of the best systems available.

Ultraframe Conservatory Roofs


Ultraframe are the acknowledged international leaders in the design and manufacture of conservatory roofing systems - with an Ultraframe roof, you can be sure your conservatory roof will be robust, durable and long-lasting. Their conservatory roofing systems are designed in accordance with the highest engineering principles and are the only roofs available to feature integrated ventilation systems as standard, for year-round comfort.

Conservatory types from Ultraframe

  • Orangery Conservatory
  • Victorian Conservatory
  • Georgian Conservatory
  •  Lean-to Mediterranean
  • P-Shape Conservatory
  • T-Shape Conservatory
  • Large Span/Portal Conservatory
  • Lantern Conservatory
  •  Gable Conservatory


Global Conservatory Roofs

MainRoofPic.jpgGlobal roofs are easy to install. They are designed to make conservatories more profitable for installers by saving time and effort by being installed from the inside. There is only one bolt at each end of the glazing bar, with no drilling required through the aluminium glazing bars.

Aluminium top caps are available in woodgrain as standard and white as an option. And there's a choice for white top caps with a 70 micron polyester gloss, powder coat finish.

The starter bar leaves a perfect lead flashing line seamlessly connecting house and conservatory. It incorporates the soaker tray and the lead dresses directly into it, not over the top.

The drainage channels in Global glazing bars are never drilled so the water can safely drain directly through the channel into the gutter.

When the glazing bar has been fastened to the wall the lead flashing simply drops into the glazing bar. The sculptured top cap knocks on in exactly the same way.

All Global glazing bars have an internal bolt slot. There are no fixing holes through any glazing bars so it reduces leak potential and saves installation time.

A substantial M8 fixing bolt is fixed into the central groove. This bolt enables the rafter to hook directly into position. Nuts are then fixed easily from the inside, not in the drainage channels. The M8 bolt incorporates an internal grub screw that simply screws up through the head of the bolt and bites into the glazing bar to stop slippage. This small bolt achieves a phenomenal performance. The tie bolt removes the need for up to 60 per cent of tie bars and so saves fitting time too.

The kit is designed to give installers an extra pair of hands when fitting glass in conservatory roofs.
The three part glass kit (retainer, wedge and packer) is designed to hold the glass securely in position before the top caps are fitted.

The glass kit allows for quicker, safer, and more secure installation of glass roofs and the gaskets have been designed to be virtually invisible.