Synergy Casement Windows


The casement window is an excellently crafted window that adds charm and elegance to any modern home. Casement windows make maximum benefit of the glass area, providing an open look that makes any view more elegant. Casement windows allow a lot more natural light, and make a bold statement that will add life and character to any room in your home.


It's your best choice for large unobstructed view and for maximum ventilation. Casement windows are best known for their weather tightness and window operating ease. A properly designed and crafted casement windows opens wide for full ventilation and ease of cleaning.

Tilt and Turn

tiltturn3.jpgSmart, comptemporary style the optimum choice for easy cleaning and secure ventilation
Synergy Tilt and Turn windows are simple, smart contemporary style, the optimal choice for easy cleaning and secure ventilation. With tilt and turn you get a window which is versatile and very smart, our tilt turn windows offer owners of modern properties the best of both worlds.

Opening at the top or the side, this clever glazing is simple to clean and always secure.
Simply turn the window handle once and you can open the top slightly to let in air while retaining a high level of security. Twist the handle again and the window will swing inward on side hinges to make it easy for you to reach and clean its outside surface.

Dual operating functions

tiltturn6.jpgOne of the main tasks required of any window is to provide room ventilation. Wide-open windows have the disadvantage that they cause drafts and rapidly chill out the room. When it is cold outside or stormy, windows are frequently kept shut allowing no ventilation at all.

The dual function of the tilt/turn window design resolves the problems of ventilation and energy conservation in all types of climates.

The window or door can be tilted inward allowing fresh air to enter at the sides and stale air to escape at the top, creating efficient air exchange.

The window or door additionally can be turned inward for rapid air exchange, outside contact, and allows ease of cleaning, or escape in event of fire.

Elegance Sliding Sash Windows

sliding5.jpgSmart, comptemporary style the optimum choice for easy cleaning and secure ventilation
Synergy are proud to offer a unique system for our Elegance Sliding Sash Windows that allows our customers to meet the stringent Building Regulations fire escape window requirements (Part 'B' England & Wales and Part 'E' Scotland & Ireland).

It can be difficult to achieve a suitable opening with sash windows due to the nature of their operation. Our side hinged system allows windows as small as 600mm square to comply with current UK & Ireland Building Regulations. All Synergy optional extras and glazing options are available on our special Fire Egress Sliding Sash Windows. Bespoke British Board of Agrément (BBA) tested, pre-tensioned 'Block and Tackle' balance mechanisms ensure a smooth sliding operation is retained.